Resurrection Fashion House GmbH

The Resurrection Fashion House GmbH is specialized in services like storage and processing of textiles and consumer products. We offer our customers thoughtful, efficient solutions and have enough space and capacity to be disappointed!

We have the most modern overhead conveyor, roller conveyors and various machines for processing textiles and innovative ironing boards, Topper and Finishertunnel which are each operated with a steam system. We are now well equipped to prepare high-quality fabrics and ready for storage and transport.

In addition to the receipt of goods, textile processing, sewing and ironing, we have a sophisticated storage system. The premises in the camp are excellent air-conditioned, for cartons on the pallets is enough space available.

We guarantee that your fashion or workwear arrive on time and accurately. We ensure this with our excellent logistics management in the administration and perfectly coordinated processes. We offer industry-specific solutions - from quality inspection to the textile processing and support you in the field Picking, storage, transport and shipping.

Resurrection is your partner for efficient, cost-effective and customized warehouse logistics solutions and supports you with comprehensive course. Our goal is that you can deliver on reliable and punctual!